Don’t let anyone else take a chance that’s just for you – just one click and someone you like will get your email and find out about you. Do you want to be selected? – Okay! Visit the site more often (your position depends on when you last visited the site) and be sure to check the status of your profile *visible* or *hidden* in your Account Settings. Suddenly, you hid your profile earlier, and forgot, and now you wonder why there are few views. Also put your best picture of the main one, and attention and letters from men are provided to you. You can send Greetings or a letter to start a correspondence. With the help of the website you can focus your attention on the category of nair matrimony. There are very handy filters to help you with this.

Now let’s study in more detail some basic points that will help you to find a partner through the Internet.

  1. To interest a man or woman, carefully study his profile, send him a sign of attention (greeting), and a short message about yourself. The same greeting is best answered with a short message again to show your interest. You can also add his or her profile to your list of favorite profiles, and he or she will be able to see that you have highlighted his or her profile among others.
  2. You need to answer the letters right away, the sooner the better. This way you can maintain a stable interest in yourself. If you are thinking about answering the question for 2-3 days, the interest can be switched to another object. This is especially important in the first stages of correspondence, i.e. try to keep the “heat of passion”, people like it.
  3. Don’t give all the information about yourself at once! It’s better to give a hint at the end, say, the continuation should be. Who will be interested to correspond with you, if you “give away” all about yourself from the very first letter.
  4. In no case do not burden a person with your problems. Have time to do it, and now he may be afraid and run away. 
  5. Do not show that this is the person you have chosen. Let it be understood that you chose him from a large number of applicants for correspondence because he has such extraordinary qualities, stunning appearance and powerful intelligence. Well, people love it when they are praised!
  6. Show interest in his life, and then skillfully use the information obtained in your letters. People like it when they are interested in them and their lives. Especially their hobbies – cars, drawing, music.
  7. Do not be terribly serious, people are afraid of very serious and encyclopedic mind partners. When asked if you like to swim in a naked pool, you can, for example, say, “No, I like to swim in a coat!  This is better than taking this question seriously.
  8. Treat your correspondence like a game, flirting. Easy attitude to life and ability to be “happy” are highly appreciated. Don’t forget to indicate that you are happy in the form, because unhappy is not needed here. For the same reason you should be smiling “to the ears” in the photos. It’s the kind of photos that most people “fall for”.
  9. Send more interesting photos, the more the better. A man will never have many of your photos. They like to look at photos more than to read letters. Women too will not give up some photos.
  10. Offer to communicate with your webcam or Skype in the future. This will give you a better idea of the person than hundreds of photos. 

With the help of modern dating sites you will have the opportunity to choose the brahmin matrimony category or any other option that will be crucial for you. Use all the features of the dating sites if you want to end up with a positive result and find the perfect partner.

Tips for online dating