What to bring for good fortune and health

1) Toppled aventurine
Use this when you gamble. Learn to meditate for a few moments before you join in the fun.
2) Toppled aventurine bracelet
This is said to bring good luck, healing and money. Wear this bracelet on your wrist, and wish yourself all the luck as you gamble or join a job interview.
3) Prosperity bracelet
This is a combination of the metaphysical features of aventurine, citrine, jade, quartz, pyrite, tiger eye and unakite. It is believed to bring prosperity. Always stay focused on your wish to make it real.
4) Aventurine pendulum 
Hold the pendulum just below the table. Followed with appropriate practice, you can use it for spiritual guidance. However, it is a stone for good fortune so it is best to carry this with you whenever you gamble. This is also good when you look for other sources of money. You can seek advice from experts about how this form of aventurine works. This is also great for love, relationships and health concerns.
Note that aventurine comes in different forms. This can create an experience where you bring in good fortune and prosperity. But never substitute these aventurine pieces with professional recommendation or treatment. When you feel sick, it is still best to consult your physician. And when you gamble, it should be only intended for fun and entertainment. Never lose self-control, and work with what you can only afford.