There are two problems leading to a reduction in the human population: tobacco smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. About alcohol, everything is not so clear. With tobacco there is more clarity – certainly, it is the number one enemy of humanity! Today 6 million people die from tobacco a year: many times more than from AIDS and tuberculosis! If we do not stop the trend of growing smoking-related diseases, by 2030 8 million people a year will die from tobacco use on the Planet every year! For this reason, there is a special stop smoking medication that will help you quit smoking and get rid of this bad habit.

Tobacco is dangerous in any form: cigarettes, cigars, pipes, hookah, chewing, sniffing – in any form! Sitting near and inhaling smoke from someone’s cigarette – can be deadly dangerous! It is unlikely that there is any other substance, the effect of which on the human body would be just as thoroughly and thoroughly studied! We will not repeat ourselves and give the results of thousands of studies confirming that smoking is the main cause of cancer (any, not just the lungs!), heart attacks, strokes, fatal lung diseases, diabetes, impotence, osteoporosis, periodontal disease, and masses of others.

Let’s talk about how to get rid of smoking finally. Let’s quit smoking now, right now, because our potential killer has a head start. And not a small one – in a few years. Even if you completely get rid of smoking, you will still be in the risk zone for 2-3 years for cardiovascular diseases and 5-6 years – for cancer! At the same time, the risk of getting the most terrible and fast flowing cancer – small cell lung cancer – will decrease, but it will remain twice as high as those who have never smoked!

Technically, everything is simple: you said to yourself “stop!”, threw away your cigarettes and healed a happy life, rejoicing and being proud of yourself! And research confirms that such a drastic smoking cessation is more preferable than a gradual reduction in the number of cigarettes smoked and then a cessation on a pre-planned day. With a quick quit, there is a much lower relapse rate.

Throwing away cigarettes is easy, it’s hard not to smoke again! The numbers here are just terrifying! While 70% of smokers say they would like to quit and 50% have already tried to quit, to stop smoking, well, at least a year, could only 3 to 6%! However, these are those who tried to do it without any help, without doctors and without medication. With the right medical approach and treatment, a year can already last 32%!

The word “treatment” was pronounced. Yes, treatment! Smoking – nicotine addiction – should be considered as a chronic disease and approaches to its treatment should be consistent with this fact. With the identification of risk factors for relapse, the development of a common strategy for the patient and the doctor to combat the disease, training in techniques to mitigate the inevitable side effects of withdrawal, with appropriate medication and psychological support.

The American Cancer Institute has formulated the risk factors that contribute to the recurrence of smoking and how to control it. Many of the recommendations in this chapter are based on the work of the National Cancer Institution and the recommendations of the International Associations of Preventive Medicine.

Being in a smoker’s company;

  1. the beginning of the day, when usually the first – the sweetest – cigarette (overnight the level of nicotine in the blood drops and the body starts to demand the usual poison);
  2. coffee or tea;
  3. alcohol;
  4. stressful state;
  5. constant concern about something;
  6. being in a car.

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How to stop smoking