If you want to excel in Counter-Strike GO, it is not enough just to start using free csgo cases. You need to consider a few important rules, which we will talk about in this article.

High-quality hardware

A lot depends on the quality of your hardware, internet connection speed, and monitor. Even a small FPS drop can have serious consequences – distorted feeling of recoil, bullets flying by will become less noticeable, and the quality of the game in general will deteriorate. A player on a powerful computer will easily defeat a gamer on old hardware. The optimal monitor frequency for a decent game starts at 120 Hz and above.

Mutual understanding in a team

The atmosphere in a team is one of the most important factors, if there is any tension in the relationship, you can’t achieve serious heights. Mutual understanding and a pleasant atmosphere during training takes precedence over the skill of your teammates. The team must work as a unit.

Comprehensive Skills

From the professional player in the counter-strike requires a number of skills:

  1. Communication.
  2. Swiftness.
  3. Marksmanship.
  4. Tactics and so on.

Few gamers can boast of a universal combination of all qualities, but you should try to combine these qualities, reaching a high level in each of them. Training with bots helps to improve the skills. I wrote about how to play with bots earlier.

Practice and analysis

There’s a reason cyber-sports has the prefix “sport”. To achieve mastery will have to devote quite a lot of time to training (5-7 hours per day) including:

  • Practicing communication skills between teams.
  • Refining tricks and tactics.
  • Analyzing your own mistakes and demos of strong playing teams.
  • Playing against advanced opponents.

Proficiency with weapons

Each kind of weapon has its advantages and disadvantages, but once you have mastered the right tactics you can make the most out of any weapon.


The most effective work with AWP implies:

  1. Using the zoom and being still while firing. The time for the bolt to be jerked should be waited for in cover.
  2. Aiming at any part of the body other than the head to eliminate with a single shot.
  3. Shooting through objects.
  4. When a target moves you should aim where it will be in half a second.


Professional AK-47 proficiency comes down to:

  • Firing in small bursts. The first shot flies clearly in the target, and after the third bullet the recoil makes itself felt and accuracy is lost.
  • Shooting from a stationary position and moving between shots.
  • Uninterrupted fire at close range only, aiming at the legs is important.


Methodical handling of the M4A1-S means:

  1. Firing single rounds with a silencer on at long range – this will give marksmanship, silence and invisibility on radar.
  2. Shooting in short bursts (2-3 shots) at medium and close range, aiming at the head.
  3. Frequent movement between shots and regular reloads in safe places.
  4. Removing the silencer if required for stealth.

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How to become a pro at Counter-Strike GO